Center of Hope in Plavsk

Plavsk is a town and the administrative center of Plavsky District in Tula Oblast, Russia, located on the Plava River with the population of around 16,000 people.
Plavsk is a forgotten town. Here, not far from the sparkling metropolis of Moscow, real Russia begins. No businesses, no work, people are too poor to leave and start a new life. Many seemed numb from hopelessness, alcohol and drugs are the only comfort. Families collapse and children have no chance for the future here in Plavsk. God sends light to even this abandoned place.

Elena Alistratenko moved to Plavsk 19 years ago. Back then there was only one believer in the local church “Grace”. However, a year later, nine more people were baptized. Elena and Alexander, who is now the pastor of the church, knew from the very beginning that God encourages them to serve children. They do this and see how God changes the hearts of children and parents. Elena says: “If I had not moved to Plavsk, I would never have experienced such a miracle of God!”

The pathway to Olesya’s house is not lit, but Lena knows the way. For many years she has been looking after Vika, Olesya’s daughter. When Vika hears that Lena has entered the house, she gathers all her strength and gets up, holding on to the back of the bed, then moves to the table. She bites her lower lip, because of tension, but approaches Lena and falls into her hands. They are not just acquaintances. Lena – Vika’s best friend. She was there when Vika needed help most of all, and now she is there to help Vika find the future, start a life with God. When they met, a girl with polio practically could not talk and walk. Her mother was an alcoholic, one day she left her alone for several days, Vika crawled out into the street, asking for help. Their neighbors called Lena, and she took the girl to her place. She took care of girl’s treatment, organized the necessary operations, along with the brothers and the sister from the church they took care of little Vika, who spent two months in bed with a cast. Later, her mother Olesya came to church, heard the Gospel and could not stop crying. God touched her heart and she wanted to change everything in her life, she wanted to be near her child since then.
Every week, Alexander and Elena come to visit Olesya and Vika to help, pray and encourage them. Their house is still poor, but it is clean and tidy. Olesya quit drinking, and Vika slowly learned to walk. Through the “Children’s Partnership” project, this family receives everything they need for each month. Both mother and daughter love God and joyfully come to church to meet other children that the church takes care of.

We fight for every child, because every child needs Jesus!

The church helps 73 children from Plavsk, and to others from six nearby villages. But providing assistance only when necessary is not enough, “It’s important that children can always come to us for help and especially to hear the Gospel,” says Elena. “We feed them a hot lunch, help with homework, play, sing and conduct classes. But there is not enough space in our church hall. Many more children would like to come here too, but we cannot accept everyone. Therefore, we want to build a Center of Hope with a kitchen, a dining room, a communication room and a classroom. ”
Dear friends! Those who have ever traveled inside Russia couldn’t have not noticed the contrast. Real Russia begins outside of Moscow. Many people live below the poverty line and children have no future there. But the light of God shines in Plavsk. A small local church regularly helps needy children and they urgently need a Center of Hope for children there. Please help and give children a living hope for a living God!
For the construction of the Hope Center S87,000
needed Every cent counts, every cent helps. You can transfer funds marked Center of Hope, Plavsk


At Hope Centers, children from poor families receive help, warm food, clothing, and can wash themselves. They meet with their peers and can socially develop. Also, they have the opportunity to engage in school lessons, learn practical skills, and learn Christian values that will help them make the right decisions in life.

We support 35 such Hope Centers. Maintaining the Center costs about $ 1 per child per day. Support the ministry of Hope Centers, give Living Hope!


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