Hope Center in Pamir

The Pamir is a mountain system that occupies more than half of the territory of Tajikistan. About 300,000 Pamiris live here. This is a special people, with its own traditions, way of life and a special confession of Islam. There are no local churches or even groups of believers. The Bible has not yet been translated into the Pamir language. Believers from Tajikistan regularly come here, seeking to show the light and love of Christ. Thanks to these trips, the Pamir people are constantly being served.
In the village of Shujan in the Rushonsky district at an altitude of 4000 m. There is a school. It is attended by about 170 students. There is not a single sports ground in the entire district. We plan to build a small football field near the school so that children have the opportunity to play sports and play in their free time from school. We also plan to renovate one of the buildings located next to the school so that it can be used for extracurricular and school activities. And the final project is the construction of the Center of Hope, where children can receive hot food and communicate with believers. This will open them the way to a living hope for the Living God!

STEP 1: 2020 | Construction of a sports ground

STEP 2: 2020 | repair the classroom

STEP 3: 2021 | building a center of hope


At Hope Centers, children from poor families receive help, warm food, clothing, and can wash themselves. They meet with their peers and can socially develop. Also, they have the opportunity to engage in school lessons, learn practical skills, and learn Christian values that will help them make the right decisions in life.

We support 35 such Hope Centers. Maintaining the Center costs about $ 1 per child per day. Support the ministry of Hope Centers, give Living Hope!


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