Many children around the world do not have a future or much hope in their current circumstances. Through loss of parents, abandonment, or even just extreme poverty, they lack the basic necessities of day to day life. That is why Bible Mission has teamed up with local church communities to provide the resources to build Hope Centers.

Hope Centers are places for children at risk to go where they will be given nourishing meals on a daily basis, warm clothes, and even a place to stay and continue to receive care. But most importantly, they are a place where children will hear the Gospel.

Many of them for the first time will hear that God loves them, and will never abandon them, that He cares for them, and sent His son for them. They will be given true hope and a future full of God’s love.


You can help!

Support Hope Centers construction projects!
Give children the living hope in the Living God!


Usually, Hope Centers only work during the day. Children can come here after school, have a hot meal, and prepare school homework. Sometimes they can stay overnight if there are dangerous situations at home. 

Your gift of 1$ a day provides food and care for one child for one day.