Prayer Houses

Small, active churches on the mission field have the burning desire to proclaim the Gospel. Often, they are limited in their possibilities and resources. Many of them don’t have a place to meet, a place people can attend to hear the Word of God.

In cooperation with ministry partners, we build Model Prayer Houses – a model specifically designed for this project: 6m x 12m for 100 people. This way, we support active churches of 30-40 members who don’t have the resources to build their own Prayer House. Thus, we facilitate church growth and support outreach ministries of the church.

Our support is a start-up help for the development of the missionary ministry of the church. We specifically support the ministry of small groups in the church (Home Bible Study Groups) and the planting of the new churches in the surrounding towns and villages.Thus, we want to create good conditions for church growth and the development of the outreach ministry of the church.


Young people build a church on the ruins of war

Spring 2015. The prayer house of a small community in Kostyantynivka was destroyed during a military conflict in eastern Ukraine. There are 20 church members, …

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